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ahem... [Tuesday 05/31/05 9:39AM]
friend's only :)

mini-update [Friday 01/28/05 6:06PM]
[ mood | creative ]

my environmental class sucks. switchin out of that next week so i can do my independent study/performance base on photography with angie, get to leave school :D oh yes

ceramics was pretty cool. we started doing our head pinch pot things. the nose came out awesome

saw mrs. farrow today in the hall and talked to her for a little while

nicks comin over soon <3 see ya :)

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let it snow [Saturday 01/22/05 4:49PM]
[ mood | pleased ]

crazy snow outside.

got my hair cut; including bangs

went to bella yarns and got some neat alpaca stuff :)

nicks coming over to watch mean girls with me and hopefully we'll have some sledding adventures tomorrow :D it'll be my first ;) nick got a new camera phone today its awesome. i'm getting mine next weekend, dads buying it for me :D

ok well gona go knit a scarf.


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